Junior Founders

Supporting the Next Generation of Founders

Mini Grants and mentorship 


This is personal - At 19, I started my own florist with $400 to my name and only podcasts as mentors. My mission with Junior Founders is to offer grants and guidance to help students create sustainable, profitable businesses that help them fund their next step in life!

Junior Founders is an application-based grant program for high school and college students to receive start-up funds and mentorship for pursuing their business ideas with confidence! 10% of each Empowered Founder purchase goes to Junior Founders, when the fund reaches the grant amount, a new student will be selected! 

The real question:

How can you help? 

Any purchase made through Empowered Founder (or any of our sister businesses) will automatically donate a portion to Junior Founders! If you know of a student who would like to apply for this grant, please email us at contact@empoweredfounder.com with their contact information and we will send them the application form. 

We are so excited to support the next generation of founders!! Success is a team sport - by supporting each other, we can rise together!