Working with impressive founders making a difference in the world is our greatest honor. 

Systems Strategy + Private Mentorship

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"Working with Sierra was an absolute pleasure! Her knowledge about how to setup small businesses was so incredibly helpful for me." 

"When starting your own business, there are a scary number of things in the “don’t know what you don’t know” category. Sierra helps not only guide you in implementing your own ideas, but also gives you information and knowledge about processes you didn’t even know existed. Having that kind of mentorship early in your journey is a game changer. It literally saves years of trial and error.

"Sierra isn’t only a knowledge hub, she also has an infectious energy for your ideas. She might be the first person as genuinely excited about getting your businesses going as you are. When starting your own business, even the most well-intentioned friends often start with “yes, but…” or “but why?” Or any number of doubtful questions. While being realistic about where you are, Sierra might be the first person to say “Yes!” And then work with you to discover how you can manifest your vision!

"I honestly couldn’t recommend working with Sierra enough. She might be the difference between your simple idea that dies out from ineffective implementation and a flourishing business that thrives into the future."

Dane Rich

Violinist, Launching business #2 soon!

Sierra has somehow distilled 1,000 books worth of wisdom on entrepreneurship, business strategy, and value-oriented leadership into a 5-week programme. 

The takeaway materials were invaluable, the in-person sessions were a blast, and the impact on my start-up has been game-changing from start to finish. For anyone looking to make an impact, I recommend [Empowered Founder] with zero reservations and highest praise. 

— Femi F

Physicist, Author of The Upper World, and Founder of a new startup launching soon! 

Working with Sierra quite literally changed my life.

I had no business background and was trying to figure out what was next in my career. Through her program, I was able to articulate my vision, goals and purpose of my business. Most impactful of all was her one on one coaching sessions. Through those conversations, she held space for me to show up with all my fears, questions, strengths, and many ideas.

I am a person who sees possibility in everything and through her coaching I was able to hone in on my purpose and what I wanted. She held space for me to show up authentically without judgement or impatience, and because of her empathetic listening and curious questions, I was able to dig to the heart of what and why I was motivated to do. Because of her I was able to articulate what I wanted in the next season of life and my career. Her coaching will change your life, its worth every penny of the investment into yourself and your business!

- Bekah B

Pediatric Nurse, Holistic Nurse Coach, currently volunteering in Medical Missions with Mercy Ships in Sierra Leone. 

Beginning a career as a professional musician can seem daunting with a lack of direction. 

Working through the Empowered Founders course helped me conceptualize clear objectives. By honing down on my goals and putting dreams to paper, the course gave me a road map on how to execute each step along the way.

Additionally, the personal coaching was invaluable as it facilitated an opportunity for me to voice my own personal initiatives and fears, and receive helpful outside perspective and advice. Empowered Founder gave me personalized tools to start building my career today, with guidance for the future.

- Cherish McKellar

Incredible classical, contemporary, and jazz Harpist. 

Companies Founded —

Boston Area Wedding Florist specializing in Bespoke, custom palettes. 

New Business 

Small Business Operations Solutions - Done-for-you Operations Management.


Handmade Friendship Bracelets for the Modern Beach Babe. 

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

FIVE Weeks to Impact

Interactive Workbook to Build your Business' Foundation in FIVE WEEKS!

Let's Build your Foundation

Let's Build // your Foundation